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Patient information

Therapeutic apheresis is an umbrella term describing several procedures involving blood components separation and removal for treatment purposes. Your doctor may prescribe one of these procedures for your medical condition. (Please watch the video on the Home page.) The procedure requires one or two catheters to reach your blood vessels. These could be inserted in veins in your arms or in a central vein usually in your neck. The most common side effects of the procedure are:

  - metal taste

  - tingling sensation around the lips and finger tips

  - feeling faint

  - allergic reactions

More serious adverse reactions may occur depending on your medical condition. Make sure that you review the consent form you will be asked to sign and ask the apheresis physician or the apheresis nurse to tell you about the possible side effects specific to the procedure indicated for your condition. According to numerous published reports, adverse reactions occur in 3% to 7% of apheresis procedures. This number will be higher if you need blood products during the procedure.

Make sure that you are well hydrated before the treatment and you have eaten a light meal. 

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